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The life of Ludwig van Beethoven - A chronology of main events

The life of Beethoven's ancestors - His music masters

The Heiligenstadt testament - Beethoven's deafness - Deafness and creativity

The funeral oration - Cantatas written for Beethoven

Beethoven's writings - Books written by friends of Beethoven

Beethoven's biographies - Books about his music - Books for kids

Other books: family tree, sculptures, philately, medecine and more...


Catalogue of works with opus numbers

Works without Opus number (WoO - Kinski and Anhang)

Hess catalogue (and Anhang)

Biamonti catalogue, a world premiere ;-)

The European Anthem - Some Real Audio files

Forum Forum about Ludwig van Beethoven and his works

Some special recordings of Beethoven on cds:

Symphonies - Sketchbooks and rare works

Works for piano: sonatas and more - Chamber music

Leonore - Fidelio - The Creatures of Prometheus

Other works... - Beethoven's pupils

Here is probably the most important collection of midi files of Beethoven's works:

Symphonies - Sonatas - Quartets - Concertos

Messas and overtures - Leonore and Fidelio - Lieder

Variations for the piano - Other works - Sketches and Biamonti works - Transcriptions
Family tree

Beethoven's family tree

Our family tree: Beethoven / Prevot

Brothers of Beethoven and Karl's family tree

Statues, busts, museum... about Beethoven in Germany - In Austria

In France - In Europe: Unitd Kingdom, Italy, Hungary...

In the United States of America - In Mexico - In Japan

And elsewhere around the world

Paintings and Masks of Beethoven - Drawings and Engravings

Ex-Libris and Ex-Musicis - Modern Paintings and Drawings - Ancient Postcards

Beethoven's music in painting - Sculptures of Beethoven

The lettres to the immortal beloved

Who is the immortal beloved?

My comments on this subject
Stamps and FDC

Stamps and FDC of Beethoven from France

From Germany and in Austria - From the other countries of Europe

From Asia - From Africa - From Arabia

From America - The Stamp of the United Nations

Want list: the stamps I am looking for

Presentation of cards with Beethoven

Liebig's cards about Beethoven's life in French - In Italian

Liebig's card about Fidelio - Cards about composers - Cards about Schubert

Cards found in cigarettes packs - Cards in chocolate bars

Telephone cards - Other cards (playing cards...)
Coins and medals

Coins and Medals about Beethoven from Germany

From the other Countries in Europe - From the other Countries of the World

Engraved plaques - Notes (real or fake) about Beethoven of Beethoven's friends


Films about Beethoven - Animated Films about Beethoven

Plays in English - Plays in French
School Guided tour: Beethoven in 5 clicks
Your Beethoven

You love Beethoven?

This part of the website is yours, to share your texts, your pictures, your passion

Variations on the "Happy Birthday" song in the style of Beethoven

Beethoven in space...

Many thanks to... - Guestbook

The awards won by


Other websites about Beethoven, in English, French, German, etc.

Websites about other composers

Websites about music
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