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This section is not intended to be a review of existing CDs. Good critics have done this already, and are experts on the subject. I just wish to draw your attention to particular works and interpretations.

Some of Beethoven's students wrote pieces which have become famous. Amongst the best known are Carl Cerzny, Ferdinand Ries, the Archduke Rodophe...

Here are a few of the CDs which exist, but there exist many more. Happy listening...

Title Carl Czerny (1791-1857)

Two very nice works of Beethoven's pupil who is also Liszt's master:

- The Nonet, dated 1850;

- The 'Grande Sérénade concertante', opus 126, dated 1827.

The booklet is very interesting too, and presents parts of the score.

MDG Gold, 1994.
Cd Beethoven and his pupils

Cd Beethoven and his pupils

Czerny composed in 1827, the "Marche funèbre sur la mort de Beethoven" (Funeral March for Beethoven), Opus 146.

It refers to the Funeral March of the Eroïca Symphony and then Czerny develops a very nostalgic theme.

Analekta fleurs de lys - Recordings 1994-1997 - Piano: Anton Kuerti.

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Title Two concertos for piano by Carl Czerny and Ferdinand Ries

Felicja Blumental, and eminent pianist, shares with us two concertante works by pupils of Beethoven:

- Concerto for piano in A minor, opus 214, of Carl Czerny (he composed many concertos for piano);

- Concerto for piano no. 3 in C sharp minor, opus 55, of Ferdinand Ries (he composed eight concertos for piano).

The pupils of Beethoven - Brana records - 2003

Cd Carl Czerny
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Title Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838)
Cd Beethoven and his pupils

This CD compiles the works of Ferdinand Ries:

- the string quartet opus 150 n°2;

- the sonata for piano, opus 11 n°1...

Also on this CD: the fugue Hess 238 by Beethoven...

Raptus records, 1998.
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Title Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838) and the Archduke Rodolphe (1788-1831)

Two works by Beethoven's students are recorded on this CD:

- Ferdinand Ries, "The Dream";

- Archduke Rudolph, forty variations on a theme by Beethoven...

Also on this CD: the eleven Bagatelles, opus 119 by Beethoven...

Koch International Classics, 2001.
Cd Beethoven and his pupils
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Title Archduke Rudolph of Austria (1788-1831)

Cd  Rudolph von Österreich

Bayer Records, 1999.

Apart from the three opus published by Erzherzog Rudolph von Österrisch, there exist a number of other works by the famous pupil of Beethoven.

This double CD offers five works of chamber music with clarinet:

- the serenade in B major;
- the trio in E flat major (1814);
- the sonata opus 2 in A major (1822);
- the variations on a theme of Rossini;
- the variations on the theme "Ja mam Konè" , completed by Carlo Ballarini.

To be discovered!

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