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Immortal Beloved
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Title... Film: Immortal Beloved

This film begins with the death of Ludwig van Beethoven. His secretary and long-suffering friend, Anton Schindler starts the search for the person to whom Beethoven has left his goods, his works and his money. The will states: "To my immortal beloved".

Schindler therefore goes to find the women who have been a part of Ludwig's life. On each meeting, the story of the composer is told. These encounters reveal a man of extremes: a musical genius, a rebellious invalid, a melancholy lover …

This film is beautiful, splendid. Gary Oldman's interpretation is such that the view cannot imagine that Beethoven could have walked, laughed, or aged any differently. The women are delicate, passionate and loving.

Luwig van B., a film by Bernard Rose, with Gary Oldman...

The French Poster

Ludvig van B. - Bernard Rose

Of course, the author has made his own choices: he shows us his guess about the 'immortal beloved', and explains in his own way as to why Beethoven became deaf... Like Karl, Beethoven's nephew, you will have to discover yourself...

Although without doubt the film 'streatches' historical reality, the film is never tiring and the flashbacks are never too heavy.

Ludwig van Beethoven is presented in the light of men.The music is included non-stop, but what counts is the presentation of Beethoven himself: his character and temperament, his violence and his anger, his genius and his love... That's what makes me love this film.

Anton Schindler is interpreted emotionally by a Jeroen Krabbé on good form.

The beautiful lovers of Beethoven are Isabella Rossellini, Valeria Golino and Johanna Ter Steege…

Ludwig van Beethoven: Gary Oldman...Anton Shindler: Jeroen Krabbé...

Who is the immortal beloved?

A last point: the music is that of… Ludwig van Beethoven, of course, royally directed by Sir Georg Solti.
Bernard Rose directed this very personnal film.
The Immortal Beloved, 'Meine Unsterbliche Geliebte' in German, came out in 1994. The film exists today on DVD. A beautiful gift idea...

You can read Beethoven's letter to his immortal beloved on this site by clicking here.
You will also find the immortal beloved presented there...


Ludvig van B. - Bernard Rose
Bande originale du film

The soundtrack is available with 2 different CD:



Bande originale du film
Title... Another point of view

I have to strongly disagree with you about the American film "Immortal Beloved," which is a travesty and a mockery in the worst Hollywood tradition. Gary Oldman stomps about, gesticulating ridiculously, and making faces obviously borrowed from several not very good portraits of Beethoven. I couldn't bear to watch all of it, even on fast forward.

Katherine Sacksteder

Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
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