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Happy birthday Ludwig !

Beethoven was baptized on the 17th december, 1770, and is probably born the the 16th of december, 1770.

Some years ago, I ran across a piano piece from an old student of mine entitled, "Happy Birthday, Ludwig". The name of the composer is Leonid Hambro and he composed (or more accurately, arranged) the "Happy Birthday" song in the style of Beethoven. There are sixvariations of this song arranged in the styles of the following works:

Bagatelle No. 1, Op. 119

Für Elise - WoO 59

Minuet in G - WoO 10 number 2

Pathetique Sonata - Opus 13 - 1st Mvt

Moonlight Sonata - Opus 27 - 1st Mvt

Fifth Symphony - Opus 67 - 1st Mvt

Humbro basically borrowed motives and themes from these works to arrange the HB song. They're actually quite clever and amusing. I played and recorded them to a midi file (actually 6 separate files).

Randall L. Collins

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