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Title... Beethoven lives upstairs
Beethoven lives upstairs

The magic of this recording is in the touching story, based on a true story, of the life and music of Beethoven. In “Beethoven lives upstairs”, a disruptive and eccentric boarder arrives in the life of a small boy, Christoph, and his family. Ludwig van Beethoven has come to live with them! The child is hardly pleased to see the arrival of the new lodger but little by little becomes aware of his genius, the beauty of his music and the tragedy of his deafness.

Beethoven lives upstairs

The film is given birth on CD and DVD.

  • The CD has more than 35 extracts of the most appreciated works of Beethoven, notably the symphonies, the Fifth and the Ninth, the sonatas “Clair de Lune” and “Pathetique”, the “Spring” sonata for violin, the Serenade for flute and a number of other pieces from the repertoire of the young pianist such as the Sonata in G major, the Minuet in G major and the famous “Für Elise”.

  • The DVD of the film is edited by “The Children's Group” and is in English, French and Spanish. It works well on computer, and is not designed to be used on a TV. A portion of the cd-rom allows you to discover the music, the instruments, the rhythm, the harmony, etc.

A pedagogical success!


Beethoven lives upstairs

You may listen to the extracts of the CD:

Thanks to Classical Kids


© Donna DRALLE

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