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This section is not intended to be a review of existing CDs. Good critics have done this already, and are experts on the subject. I just wish to draw your attention to particular works and interpretations.

Please note that rare works for piano will be found here.

Title The Piano Trio opus 63 available at last!
Beethoven Trio Opus 63
Trio Osiris: Peter Brunt, violin; Larissa Groeneveld, cello;
Ellen Corver, piano.

Piano trio opus 63 (and piano trio opus 1 no. 3).
World premiere, recorded in 2003.

Opus 63 was "the unobtainable work" of Beethoven. Never recorded until this day, it is a warm performance, accomplished by the Trio Osiris, which we now offer you.

If the authenticity of the Piano Trio, adaptation of the string quartet opus 4, is opened for discussion, it is a forgotten fact explained in the discography, that no existing source indicates that Beethoven ever disowned the work. Form your own opinion, and complete your disc collection with the unpublished work!

Available at the Association Beethoven France
Title Reconstruction of the Concerto for Oboe, Hess 12
Beethoven Oboe Concerto Hess 12
Rotterdam Chamber Orchestra directed by Conrad van Alphen
Raphael String Quartet
Piano: Peter Kranen

Beethoven - Oboe Concerto (Hess 12) and other world premieres.
World premiere, recorded in 2002.

This CD collects the concerto for oboe Hess 12 and other world premieres:

- Concerto for Oboe Hess 12, reconstructed by Jos van der Zander;
- Rintterballet, Hess 89 (version for piano);
- Allegro for piano, Hess 69;
- Fugue for quartet, Hess 238 no 1 (exercise with Albrechtsberger);
- Allegro for piano, Hess 66;
- Écossaise, WoO 23 (version for piano);
- Twelve miniatures from a sketch book (exercises for piano);
- The Battle of Victoria, Hess 97 (original piano version).

Available at the Association Beethoven France
Title The sketchbooks: symphonies and concertos
Beethoven on cd - Sketchbooks
Presented by Denis Matthews

2 CDs
The Eroïca
and symphonies 5, 8 and 9
Recorded in the 1970s
Put onto CD in 2000

Beethoven said that he worked on an idea until he was satisfied.

These two CDs show and explain the musical thoughts of the composer.

The rough notes are played in their different versions, commented upon and played into their final version.

A huge work of great quality!

Beethoven on cd - Sketchbooks

Presented by Denis Matthews

2 CDs
The concertos
and symphonies 1, 2 and 7
Recorded in the 1970s
Put onto CD in 2000
Buy from Monument Records
Title Unknown and forgotten works
Beethoven on cd - Rare Works
Der Unbekannte Beethoven Vol. I
Berlin Classics - 1995

Beethoven on cd - Rare Works
Der Unbekannte Beethoven Vol. II
Berlin Classics - 1996

Beethoven on cd - Rare Works
Der Unbekannte Beethoven Vol. III
Berlin Classics - 1997

This indispensable collection is made up of three boxed sets, of three CDs each. The object of this collection is to make Beethoven's unknown and forgotten works better known. These CDs include numerous italian and irish works, and other lieder.

A must...

New in 2003: the 9 cds in one box at a very low price, available in Germany!

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Title Works composed in Bonn
Beethoven on cd - Works from Bonn
Beethoven Bonnensis
'Die frühen Jahre eines Genies'
Deutsche Grammophon
Beethoven-Haus Bonn - 1999

The Beethoven-Haus Bonn produced these two cds, with the early works of Beethoven, composed in Bonn.

The booklet presents the life of Beethoven and his family atBonn.

On these cds, you will find works composed before 1792: Dressler Variations WoO 63, 'Electoral' SonataWoO 47/2, Violin Cconcerto WoO 5, Ritterballett WoO 1, and other vartaions, a quartet, a rondino, a rondo, a fugue for organ, a piano trio and some lieder...
Buy from BeethovenHaus Bonn
Title Forgotten works by Beethoven, and his master Neefe

This recording compiles variations by Neefe (1748-1798), Beethoven's teacher from 1793 (probably), and Beethoven's works.

Works by Neefe: "9 variations on a theme by Mozart" and "12 variations on a theme by Dittersdorf".

Beethoven's works include the lieder written at Bonn, many sketches which made up a symphony in C minor (Hess 298), and some bits of Fischhof.

There exists also, at Raptus Records, another CD of sketches of excercises by Haydn and Albrechtsberger...
Beethoven and Neefe on cd
Beethoven and his Teacher
Christian Gottlob Neefe
Unknown works
Raptus Records - 1989
Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
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