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Trait Paris, the Luxemburg Gardens

The French Beethoven Association is responsible for this bust of Beethoven in the Luxemburg Gardens in Paris. It was unveiled on Thursday October 26th 1978, in the presence of the president of the Senat. At this unveiling, Maurice Shumann, a member of the French Academy and Vice-President of the Senat, made a speech in the presence of Madame Bufet-Bourdelle.

Beethoven at the Jardin du Luxembourg

Installed next to a magnificent tree, right in the North-West of the gardens (margined by the 'rue de Vaugirard' and the 'rue Guynemer'), the monument is made up of a pedestal which holds the bust created by Antoine Bourdelle.

Beethoven at the Jardin du Luxembourg

The base holds the following inscription : "This head of Beethoven, a gift by Madame Dufet-Bourdelle, has been erected under direction of the French Beethoven Association on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's death."

Beethoven at the Jardin du Luxembourg Beethoven at the Jardin du Luxembourg

An expressive face such as Bourdelle sculpted so well.

Photos : Dominique PRÉVOT

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