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TitreSome collectors' cards

Beethoven on Liebig cards:

Beethoven in French, series n°1203
from 1928, which presents Beethoven's life (6 cards).
Liebig's cards
Beethoven in Italian, series n°0330
different to the precedeing cards, also dedicated to Beethoven (6 cards).
Liebig's cards
Fidelio, series n°0675
from 1901 shows 6 of Beethoven's opera scenes (6 French cards, 6 German cards);
The Great Operas, series n°0391,
6 German cards picturing scenes from the great operas (1 card shows the Fidelio)
Silhouetten, series n°0684
6 German cards picturing scenes from operas
(1 card shows the Fidelio)
Liebig's cards

Famous Composers, series n°0374
from 1893, includes a portrait of Beethoven (1 French card  n°4?).

Liebig's cards
Shubert, series n°1219
from 1928, they are dedicated to Shubert (6 French cards). The card n°5 représente Schubert at Beethoven's side, on his death bed.
Liebig's cards

Beethoven on cigarette cards:

- German cards "Eckstein" of 1934 (3 cards).
- English cards "Ogden" of 1899 (2 cards).
- Moroccan card "Domino" of 1961 (1 card).
- Card "Gestalten der Weltgeschichte" of 1933 (1 card).
- Card "Wills" of 1912 (1 card).
- Card Kentucky Tobaccos of 1940 (1 card).
Cigarettes cards

Beethoven on chocolate packets:

- The Suiss Suchard Packet, of 1905 (1 card).
- A French chocolate packet (1 card).
- German Stollwerk packets, of 1899 and of 1908 (2 cards).
- Chocolat Guérin-Boutron (1 card).
- Superchocolat Jacques (2 cards).
- Chocolat Martougin (1 card).
- Chocolat Poulain (1 card).
Chocolate cards

Beethoven on phone cards:

- From France (1 card).
- From Germany (2 cards).
- From Denmark (1 card).
- From Japan (1 card).
- From Italy (1 card)
Chocolate cards

Beethoven on other cards:

Other cards
TitrePresentation of Liebig

The presentation of Liebig (that which is written on the reverse of the cards):

The Leibig Company is the oldest and most powerful entreprise in the world, concerning the rearing of cattle. Its factories are situated in South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay) and in South West Africa where it posesses enourmous terrains, which provide grazing ground for it's herds.

The series of cards:

The production of cards by Leibig started in 1872. Each was made up of 6 or of 12 cards. The series finished in 1939, but new publications were made up until 1973. There were more than 1 800 series, edited in multiple languages: French, English, Italian, German... The society was taken over by Brooke Bond Tea who, it would seem, contined to publish the cards.
The back of the cards were used for publicity, but equally commented on the scene depicted on the front.

Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
© Dominique PREVOT
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