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Title Beethoven: chronological landmarks
1770 December 16th (uncertain): Born at Bonn
December 17th: Baptised at Bonn
Beethoven's birth certificate...
Certificate of Baptism of Ludwig van Beethoven...

April 8th: Baptism of his brother Caspar Anton Carl
Ludwig learns music with his father


October 2nd: Baptism of his brother Nikolaus Johann

Beethoven-Haus, Bonn...
Museum of Bonn - the house where Beethoven lived as a child

1778 March 26th: Ludwig's first known public performance, at Cologne
1779 February 23rd: Baptism of his sister Anna Maria Franziska (died four days later)
Octobre: Neefe pursues Ludwig's musical training
1781 January 17th: Baptism of his brother Franz Georg (died two years later)
1782 Publication of his first work (the Dressler Variations)
1783 October 14th: Publication of three sonatas and other works

June: Ludwig is appointed organist to the Choir of Maximilian Franz. He is 14 year old.

One of the pianos...

Museum of Bonn - The piano...

1786 May 5th: Baptism of his sister Maria Margaretha (died one year later)

Visited Vienna, studied with Mozart
July 17th: death of his mother

The grave of Beethoven's mother, Bonn...
Beethoven's mother's tombstone at Bonn...


Played for four seasons as violinist at the Opera of Bonn
Numerous compositions

1791 December 5th: death of Mozart
1792 November 2nd: left for Vienna
November 10th: arrived at Vienna
Musical studies with Haydn
December 18th: death of his father
1794 May: his brother Carl arrives at Vienna
January 19th: Haydn returns to London. Ludwig studies with Albrechtsberger
Composition of his first major work: Trios for Piano (opus 1)

March 29th: first public appearance at Vienna; he played his own works
July: finished his studies with Albrechtsberger
August: Trios for Piano (opus 1) published
September: Haydn returns to Vienna and meets Ludwig
December 26th: his brother Johann arrives in Vienna
Proposes to Magdalena Willmann, but she refuses him


Numerous compositions and a concert given at Prague
July: returns to Vienna after Prague, Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin before leaving for a concert in Budapest

1797 Probably the year of a serious illness which was the trigger of his deafness

Composition and publication of works

Ludwig van Beethoven's signature...
Signature of Ludwig van Beethoven

1799 Instruction by Salieri
Began composing the first symphony

Concert at Vienna, playing of his first symphony
End of the year: composition of his second symphony
Ludwig van Beethoven's first symphony...
The score of Ludwig van Beethoven's first symphony...


February: finshed his second symphony
April: left for Heiligenstadt in the hope that his hearing would improve.
Returned to Vienna in October

Beethoven in Heiligenstadt...
Heiligenstadt,where Beethoven wrote his will...

1803 January: Ludwig became the composer of the Theatre of Vienna, where he lived with his brother Carl
June-October: composed the Eroica symphony
August 6th: the piano maker Sébastien Erard sent him a new piano, as a present. This allowed for bigger intervals - like the pianos we have today.
1804 April: his contract with the theatre finishes

April 7th: first public performance of the Eroica symphony
Numerous workings on Leonore, with a premiere on November 20th

Ludwig van Beethoven's Eroïca symphony...
The score of the Third Symphony,the Eroica, by Ludwig van Beethoven...

1806 May 25th: marriage of his brother Caspar Carl
Journey with the Prince Lichnowsky, and composition of the fourth symphony
1807 Composition of the Coriolan Overture
March: first performance of the fourth symphony
Autumn: composition of the fifth symphony

Spring-Summer: Composition of the sixth symphony - The Pastoral
December: Playing of the sixth symphony


1809 April 9th: war is declared against France
May 10th: French army surrounds Vienna
May 11th-12th: France takes possession of Vienna
Beethoven teaches music to Archduke Rudolphe
1810 April 27th: Beethoven presents 'The Letter for Elise' to Thérèse Malfatti
1811 October: Beethoven begins writing the seventh symphony

March 2nd: presentation of 'To the Beloved' to Antonie Brentano
May: writing of the seventh symphony
Writing of the letter to "The Immortal Beloved"...

Teplitz, where Beethoven was in 1812...
Teplitz, place of residence at the time of writing the famous letter...

1813 December 8th: first public presentation of the eighth symphony
1814 February 27th: playing of the eighth symphony
May 23rd: first presentation of Fidelio
1815 November 15th: Ludwig's brother, Carl, dies. After several court cases, Ludwig is given gardianship of his nephew.
1816 October: Beethoven becomes ill
Beginning of the year: Beethoven is still ill
September 10th: writing of the first bars of the ninth symphony
1818 February 14th: Beethoven and Salieri recommend the metronome in the Viennese press.
February: Beethoven's deafness is such that he has to use a notebook and pencil to converse with visitors.
December 3rd: Karl runs away to his mother's, but Beethoven demands that the police bring him back.
1819 January 11th: the guardianship of Karl is taken away from Beethoven on grounds of his deafness.
November: composition of 'Missa Solemnis'
1820 April 8th: Beethoven becomes again Karl's tutor, with Karl Peters.
1821 January and the following months: Beethoven becomes regularly ill
1822 October: pursues the composition of the ninth symphony and the beginnings of the tenth
1823 March 6th: Beethoven names Karl as his heir
Works on the ninth symphony
1824 Works on the tenth symphony (only the first movement was written in detail)
February: finished writing the ninth symphony
May 7th: public playing of the ninth symphony
1825 May 7th-October 15th: Beethoven installs himself at Baden
1826 August 6th: Karl attempts suicide by shooting himself in the head. He's only injured.
December: Beethoven's health starts to decline. He undergoes an operation.

He undergoes three further operations in the first two months of the year...

Beethoven: his last signature...
Beethoven's last signature ...

March 22nd: Beethoven receives the last rites

Beethoven's funerals...
Invitation to Beethoven's funeral

March 26th: Ludwig van Beethoven dies, probably at 5:45 pm.
March 29th: funeral.

Luwig van Beethoven's grave...
Beethoven's tombstone at Vienna

This chronology was inspired by the works of Barry Cooper.

Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
© Dominique PREVOT

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