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Title... Beethoven at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

The sculpture of Beethoven in the "Main Reading Room" of the "Library of Congress".

There are eight statues which represent civilization: religion, commerce, history, art, philosophy, poetry, law and science.

Beethoven is one of two sculptures symbolising art. Beethoven is beating out a bar of music. It was created by Theodore Baur around 1895.

His is made of bronze and mesures six feet and six inches in height.

It is place on the balustrade of the Rotunda.

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Thanks to Thomas for his help.

Beethoven - Library of Congress

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The 16 statues are:
- Religion: Moses and St. Paul;
- Commerce: Columbus and Robert Fulton;
- History: Herodotus and Gibbon;
- Art: Michael Angelo and Beethoven;
- Philosophy: Plato and Lord Bacon;
- Poetry: Homer and Shakespeare;
- Law: Solon and Chancellor Kent;
- Science: Newton and Professor Joseph Henry.
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