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Title... Beethoven at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California
Statue Beethoven by Arnold Foerster, Los Angeles, USA...
© Julius Cisek - 1998
Photo used with authorisation of author. Click on it to see it enlarged.
Many splendid photos are available on his site...

This is a copy of the monument found in Central Park,and which is attributed to Henry Baerer. It was also given by the choir of New York, but in 1914.

It was erected in the park on August 6th 1915.

It is situated close to the California Academy of Science, on the right.

How many copies of this sculpture exist? It's a mystery...

Henry Baerer was born in 1837 in Kirchlin, Germany. He went to the USA in 1854.He studied sculpture with von Launitz, then returned to Germany.

He created two enourmous statues for the town of Munich. He moved difinitively to New York City in 1866. He died in 1908.

Title of work: Beethoven
Material : Bronze
Width of monument: 1.20 m (60")
Depth of monument: 1.52 m (60")
Height of monument : 4.57 m (15')
Height of sculpture: 1.22 m (4') for the bust and 1.83 m (6') for the base.
Location : Academy of Sciences Drive between the statue of Verdi and the science museum.

With the assistance if "San Francisco Arts Commission"
and of Th. Roman.

Statue Beethoven by Arnold Foerster, Los Angeles, USA...

© David Gardner - 1998
Photo used with authorisation of the author - You can also
visit the Golden Gate Park on the Internet
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Title... San Francisco Chronicle - August 7, 1915...

Beethoven Monument unveiled as Germans bare their Heads

Beethoven - Golden Gate ParkBefore an audience of nearly 1,000 persons, the beautiful and stately Beethoven monument in Golden Date Park, the gift to this city from the Beethoven Maennerchor of New York City, was dedicated yesterday morning at ceremonies participated in by the President and numerous members od the famous New York organization, all of whom came here in a body to attend the National German-American Alliance convention, which has just ended.

As was fitting on an occasion of this kind, the speech making part of the ceremonies was brief, and was preceded by a musical programme, which included several of Beethoven's most noted numbers, rendered by the Park and Municipal bands, and also choruses by the Pacific Saengerbund and the visiting singers. The latter were the well-loved "Loreli" and the more impressive "Das is des Tag des Herrn."

Edward F. Delger, president of the German-American auxiliary to the exposition, presided and introduced George E. Alstadt, president of the New York Maennerchor, who made the speech of repesentation. As Alstadt concluded, his ten year old daughter, Carrie, pulled the cord which released the large German and American flags draped over the monument. As the work of art came into view heads were bared and a tremendous cheer arose.

Speeches of acceptance and thanks were made on behalf of the city by Supervisor J. Emmet Hayden and Park Superintendent John McLaren.

The monument is a replica of the one now standing in Central Park, New York, which is also a gift from the New York Meannerchor.

San Francisco Chronicle - August 7, 1915, Page 3, Columns 2 and 3.

Thanks to Jessica Goodson and to the City Arts
Commission for contributing this article, and this picture of the statue in Golden Gate Park.

Many thanks for Thomas for his help.

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Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
© Dominique PREVOT
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