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- November 21st - Midi file:
12 Minuets for Orchestra, WoO 12.
- November 20th - Mp3:
Allegretto for Piano Trio in E flat major, Biamonti 8.
- November 19th - Mp3:
Anglaise for Piano in G minor, Biamonti 48.
- November 18th - Midi file:
12 Ecossaises for Piano, WoO 16.
- October 31st - Midi file:
Fugue for Organ in D major, WoO 31.
- October 30th - Midi file:
Six Minuets for Violins & Cello, WoO 9.
- October 23rd - Midi and Mp3 files:
Prelude for Piano or Organ in F minor, WoO 55.
- October 20th - Midi file:
Dances for Orchestra, WoO 8-1.
- October 18th - Mp3 file:
Fragment, Biamonti 738.
- October 17th - Midi and Mp3 files:
Curiosity: A favorite air composed by Beethoven with variations by Henry Herz.
- October 16th - Mp3 file:
Waltz, in F major, for piano, "Glaube, Liebe und Hoffnung", WoO Anhang 15.
- April 20th - Midi and Mp3 files:
Two apocryph works: the Spirit Waltz and the Tulip Waltz.
- April 16th - Midi and Mp3 files:
Three Piano Sonatas: "Kurfürstensonate", WoO 47-3.
- April 10th - DVD:
More Fidelio on DVD.
- March 30th - Midi file and mp3 files:
Serenade for Flute, Violin & Viola in D major, opus 25.
- March 29th - Mifi file:
The Piano Trio in E flat major, Opus 63.
- March 28th - Midi file:
Ludwig van Beethoven's 32rd Piano Sonata, Opus 111.
- March 26th - Ex-libris and ex-musicis:
Three art creations by Sergey Parfionov for the 180th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's death (numbers 41 to 43).
- March 25th - Midi and Mp3 files:
Three Piano Sonatas: "Kurfürstensonate", WoO 47-1;
Three Piano Sonatas: "Kurfürstensonate", WoO 47-2.
- March 24th - Midi and Mp3 files:
Ecossaise for Wind Band in G major, WoO 23;
3-part Canon in B flat major: "Signor Abate", WoO 178;
Piece for Piano in G major: "O Hoffnung!", WoO 200.
- March 23rd - Midi and Mp3 files:
Fragment in F major: original ending to first movement of Symphony No. 8, Hess 1.
- March 22nd - Places where to meet Beethoven:
Ludwig van Beethoven in Prague.
- March 21st - Mp3 files:
Minuet for String Quartet in A flat major, Hess 33;
Minuet for Piano in A flat major, Hess 88.
- March 20th - Mp3 file:
Six Variations for Piano or Harp in F major on a Swiss air, WoO 64.
- March 18th - Midi and Mp3 files:
World Premiere!
Fragment of first movement first version of the Piano Concerto #2, Hess 14.
- March 17th - Mp3 files:
Six ländlerische Tänze, WoO 15;
Duo for Flutes in G major: Allegro and Minuet, WoO 26;
Duo for Viola & Cello in E flat major: "mit zwei obligaten Augengläsern" (with 2 obbligato eyeglasses), WoO 32.
- March 16th - Mp3 file:
Prelude & Fugue for Violins & Cello in E minor, Hess 29.
- March 15th - Mp3 files:
Rondo for Piano in C major, WoO 48;
Rondo for Piano in A major, WoO 49.
- March 14th - CD:
Beethoven: The Forgotten Works for String Quartet.
- March 11th - Midi and mp3 files:
Sketch for the arietta Opus 111, Copper 235
- March 10th - Mp3 files:
Sketch for the bagatelle Opus 33 number 6, Kessler 28;
Completed work of the bagatelle Opus 33 number 6, Kessler 28.
- March 9th - Midi and mp3 files:
Scherzo for Piano from the Piano Trio Opus 1 #2, for piano solo, Hess 98.
- February 28th - Mp3 files:
Fugue for String Quintet in D major, opus 137;
Entr’acte in D major: "Tarpeja", WoO 2a;
Bagatelle for Piano in C minor: presto, WoO 52;
Allegretto for Piano in C minor, WoO 53;
Two Cadenzas for Piano in D minor: for Mozart’s piano concerto in d minor K 466, WoO 58.
- February 27th - Mp3 files:
German Dance for Piano Four Hands, WoO Anhang 9.
- February 26th - Mp3 files: Music for musical clock "Flötenhur"
Five Pieces for Musical Clock or for flute, WoO 33;
March, in F major, for musical clock : "Grenadiermarsch", Hess 107.
- February 25th - Beethoven in statue:
Beethoven at the Parque Berlin, in Madrid.
- January 21st - Ode to Joy:
The Portuguese translation.
- January 20th - Mp3 file:
Bagatelle for Piano in C major: Allegretto, WoO 56;
Twelve German Dance for Orchestra, WoO 13.
- January 19th - Portraits:
Two more portraits of Beethoven by Leon Krejci.
- January 18th - Mp3 file:
Seven Ländler for Violins & Cello in D major, WoO 11.
- January 17th - Mp3 file:
Six Minuet for Orchestra in C major, WoO 10.
- January 16th - Mp3 file:
Waltz for Instrument(s) "Modlinger Tanze", WoO 17.
- January 15th - Mp3 file:
March & Trio for Wind Band in C major: "Zapfenstreich" (The Tattoo), WoO 20.
- January 14th - Mp3 file:
Piece for Piano in C major: "Lustig - traurig" (Merry - Sad) in C & c, WoO 54.
- January 3rd - Statues and busts:
Two busts of Ludwig van Beethoven in Mexico.
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