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Title... Berlin - Tiergarten

There is a nice monument dedicated to German composers at the Tiergarten at Berlin.

In 1904 the sculpturer Rudolph Leopold Siemering and his son, the architect Wolfgang Siemering created this 10 meter high baroque memorial statue in marble.

Its three sides are adorned with a dome, on top of which three amorines are holding a laurel wreath.

On the three sides are figures of Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart.

Berlin - Tiergarten
Many thanks to Sylvie Laurent for her pictures. Click on the boxes to see her photos enlarged...

Beethoven Tiergarten Berlin

The monument at Tiergarten

Beethoven Tiergarten Berlin


Beethoven Tiergarten Berlin


Beethoven Tiergarten Berlin

And also: Ludwig...

Beethoven Tiergarten Berlin


Beethoven Tiergarten Berlin

... Beethoven

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Beethoven at Berlin

The statue...

Beethoven at Berlin

Closer look...

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