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"At around five o' clock it started to pour with rain. At the same time a flash of lightening lit up the room (in front of the house, the ground was covered with snow). At this Beethoven opened his eyes wide and raised his right hand...

When his hand fell back down onto the bed his eyes were half closed. My right hand held his head, my left pressed his chest. No breath passed his lips, his heart had stopped beating..."

Account of Beethoven's death, by Anselm Hüttenbrenner, at Vienna, March 26th 1827

Title... The Church of the Holy Trinity
Funérailles de Beethoven - Franz Stober
Beethoven's funeral - The painting by Franz Stober - 1827...

The church of the Holy Trinity- Dreifaltigkeitskirche - in which began Beethoven's funeral ceremonies on March 29th 1827.

On the afternoon of Thursday March 29th 1827, between 10,000 and 30,000 people united in front of the Schwarzspanierhaus for the funeral of Ludwig van Beethoven.

About 20,000 persons were here; that means a tenth of Vienna's population came to see the coffin beeing carried to the church.

It has been said that never before, so many people gathered, in Vienna, for someone's funerals.

Funérailles de Beethoven - Franz Stober
Beethoven's funeral - The etching by Franz Stober - 1827...

Two plaques, situated on the outside, remind us that Beethoven and Schubert both had their funerals held here.

The Dreifaltigkeitskirche was built between 1687 and 1727...

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Title... Ludwig van Beethoven's first tomb at Währing cemetery


The actor Heinrich Anschütz, read the funeral oration written by Franz Grillparzer (a great writer), in front of the doors of the Währing Cemetary.

Beethovens body was exhumed twice; in 1863 - in order to preserve the remains better in a metal coffin, and where photos were taken of his skull and on the 22nd of June 1888, when his remains were transferred to Zentralfriedhof (experts were given 30 minutes to examine the remains).

Today Währing cemetery has been transformed into Schubert Park.The original tombs of Beethoven and Schubert are still there - those which were erected at their deaths.

Beethoven's grave in Vienna...

Beethoven's original tomb

Beethoven and Vienna...

Währing cemetery


How it looked like


What it looks like now

Beethoven and Vienna...
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Title... Ludwig van Beethoven's new tomb at Zentralfriedhof
Beethoven's grave in Vienna...
Beethoven's tomb is at Vienna cemetery
next to that of Schubert.
On June 22nd 1888 Beethoven and Schubert rejoined the other deceased composers of Vienna, which were reassembled at Zentralfriedhof, in the South of the capital...


Left: Beethoven's exhumation in 1888.


Right: Beethoven's remains are transferred from Währing to Zentralfriedhof.

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Beethoven and Vienna...
The church of the Holy Trinity
Beethoven and Vienna...
The original tombs of Beethoven & Schubert
Beethoven and Vienna...
Schubert's original tombstone
Beethoven and Vienna...
Ludwig van Beethoven's original tomb
Beethoven and Vienna...
Ludwig van Beethoven's original tomb
Beethoven and Vienna...
Ludwig van Beethoven's original tomb
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Many thanks to Hans BROFELDT for the information and pictures he sent
and to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
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