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Baden - Helenenthal - Cristina Heiligenstadt - Cristina Beethovengang - Cristina Gneixendorf - Cristina

Cristina Barbieri

Cristina is from Argentina. She lives in a far away part of the country. In a ski resort in the Andes Mountains.

She is a psychologist and psychoanalyst, married and mother of three, and very very very much interested in Beethoven, personally and professionally.

She loves Baden and Beethoven... Please note that Christina took the pictures on this page: she has got many talents...
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Beethovengang - Kahlenberg

Well, in Heiligenstadt, there are not only Beethoven's dwellings. When walking up Eroicagasse (yes, Heiligenstadt is a very Beethovenish place), suddenly you have to turn left, and enter a sort of alley, by a small brook. In October, at least, it was running really small, but this unimposing stream of water, is supposed to have been the brook by which Beethoven wrote part of the Pastoral Symphony. There is even an illustration in an almanac of the time, that pictures Beethoven working on the score of the Sixth in that place.

Heiligensadt - Cristina Barbieri
Almanach der Musikgesellschaft

Heiligensadt - Cristina Barbieri

Well, the place has certainly changed. As soon as you exit the street into the Beethovengang, you are aware that it is part of a nice and expensive neighborhood. The small stream, runs down among beautiful trees and bushes, but it is evident that it is not a wild place anymore.

Heiligensadt - Cristina Barbieri
The small path, is very lovely anyway, …. it was raining very softly and the color of the trees was splendid.

Heiligensadt - Cristina Barbieri

Heiligensadt - Cristina Barbieri
And at the end of the path you can finally see the first bust of Beethoven placed in Vienna in 1868.
Beethoven - Photo DP.
Heiligensadt - Cristina Barbieri

The path changes into a street going up and up towards the top of the Kahlenberg. Naturally you can also take a bus to the top. But in whatever way, to reach the top is a must. Beethoven did climb that mountain often, he knew what was up there for him. And just as he knew then, the view is simply breathtaking. It must have been more or less the same in our composer's time.

Heiligensadt - Cristina Barbieri
Heiligensadt - Cristina Barbieri Heiligensadt - Cristina Barbieri Isn't it really beautiful? I wonder which musical thoughts crossed Ludwig's mind when he was there. If all he felt he felt in a musical way ----- how did he feel this beauty?

And then, down dozens of small lovely paths, towards Heiligenstadt again.

Cristina Barbieri
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the transcription for piano, by Liszt, of the third, fourth and fifth mouvements of the Sixth Symphony (Opus 68)

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